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Using biology and technology techniques for multiperformance

Together with agroecology, more concerted use should be made of various biology and technology techniques:

  • Genetics: expanding selection targets and incorporating “minor” species; combining selection traits; associating genotyping and high-throughput phenotyping under real conditions; developing new breeding methods
  • Crop health: modelling to mitigate risks associated with epidemics: landscape management, sustainable management of plant resistance, biocontrol, etc.; innovative systems to rapidly detect and identify pests and diseases
  • Animal health and welfare: modelling and preventing risks associated with epidemics through a wide range of multiscale approaches implemented in combination with innovative health legislation and practices; reducing the use of antibiotics without increasing antibiotic resistance; setting benchmarks for farm animal welfare
  • Precision agriculture and digital transition: using modelling to interpret data from sensors of all kinds; new types of agriculture, processing techniques and production–transformation–distribution interactions brought about by the increased use of digital and robotic technologies; induced changes in agricultural work and skills; consequences on how the value chain is organised
Keywords: 3PERF-2