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Research on and for organic agriculture 

Updated on 01/17/2017
Published on 01/05/2017
Keywords: 3PERF - FOCUS

Organic agriculture calls for the protection and development of natural soil, water and biodiversity resources, and the integration of production systems with processing and distribution industries. In this way, organic agriculture can be seen as a model multiperformance food system integrating all parts of the value chain.
INRA’s work in organic agriculture research has grown since the 2000s through the AgriBio programme (entering its fourth phase in 2015), the ERA-NET CoreOrganic+ programme, supported by France’s ministry for agriculture and INRA, the incorporation of organic agriculture into various metaprogrammes and the establishment of an internal organic agriculture committee (CIAB). Today, INRA is the world’s leading producer of organic agriculture research in terms of number of publications.
Partnerships with ITAB and Agence Bio create effective dialogue with the organic agriculture industry and also disseminate knowledge — derived both from the partnerships themselves as well as from INRA’s own work — in specialised and broad-based fields, including sustainable management of plant resistance to diseases, soil fertility and changes in socioeconomic conditions.