#INRA2025 #Support: anticipating and supporting change

Anticipating and supporting change

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#Support priority: anticipating and supporting change
#Support priority: anticipating and supporting change

Through its targeted research which ensures close links between INRA and its partners in the public, academic and private sectors, and in a world experiencing numerous technological transitions (digital, genetics, etc.), the organisation, internal policies and processes of the Institute require constant adaptation to its scientific projects, and modernisation to reinforce their flexibility and efficiency. 


Context & Vision

5 Objectives

> #Support-1: An efficient, agile and resilient organisation

> #Support-2: A reliable and solidarity-based financing

> #Support-3: An institute that attracts and motivates its staff


> #Support-4: INRA’s actions and values visible and shared through active external and internal communication

> #Support-5: Efficient and shared institutional management

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