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An efficient, agile and resilient organisation

For more than seventy years, INRA's organisation has been both centralised – to ensure national management – and based on units made up of communities focused on five-year projects that are grouped by discipline and theme within the research divisions, and geographically within research centres. 

The efficiency of this organisation is thus based on clear responsibilities and mandates, and an ability to adapt to the challenges that arise. The principles of this organisation were updated in 2015 and reflected in a Charter whose structure and implementation need to be pursued so as to be resilient and adapt permanently to change, by addressing challenges collectively and paying particular attention to the interfaces involved.

This organisation and framework must not constitute an obstacle to the creation with partners of skills networks or projects involving staff members and communities from different Divisions or Centres, under a shared dynamic.

The principal aims are:

  • To continue to clarify the responsibilities described in the Ethics Charter (2014) and Organisation Charter (2015), and ensure their correct implementation
  • To encourage innovative and efficient practices, notably through the use of digital and computer tools and video conferences, organising and reconciling them with the demands of collective working
  • To constantly adapt scientific and support structures and arrangements so that they can address challenges, optimise resource use and offer a long-term framework for the work of communities and agents. 
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