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A reliable and solidarity-based financing

In a context of strict budgetary constraints regarding both the allocation of resources from State grants and obtaining other income, the strategy must enable the establishment to (i) retain its financial independence by managing its commitments in the short, medium and longer terms, (ii) cover costs and requirements through appropriate funding, (iii) foster dynamism and commitment, but also demonstrate solidarity, in the context of validated and high-priority projects, and (iv) retain the ability to carry out strategic actions, even if no dedicated external funds are available. 

The compliance of decision-making must be assessed by a complete financial function that includes a multi-year vision, a controlled budget that can serve priorities, and consolidated and certified accounts covering all levels of the organisation and responsibilities of the Institute, governed by clear and auditable principles that can be discussed between these different levels (management dialogue). 

The principal aims are:

  • In the short term, to seize opportunities for changes to the regulations (budgetary management and financial control: GBCP) in order to improve processes, organisation and the information system, 
  • As soon as possible, to broaden functionalities to improve multi-year monitoring and facilitate the financial analysis of different activities,
  • To encourage the search for sustainable external funding, and restore the Institute's ability to cover the costs of its priorities.
Keywords: SUPPORT-2