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An Institute that attracts and motivates its staff

A research institution is a community of full-tenure or contracted scientists, engineers and technicians which is entrusted by the country with certain missions and the resources they need to carry them out. The recruitment and management of skills is therefore of strategic importance, and must be implemented in an international context. Actions that will enhance attractiveness and creativity will be pursued and reinforced. 

In a context where opportunities for external recruitment are limited, identifying priorities and managing in-house skills, developing them and supporting their transformation – notably through training, increased mobility or the responsible management of contracted staff – are essential approaches if INRA is to meet its permanent and temporary needs. 
Thus the overall motivations of staff constitute not only a vital "resource" but also a goal for the Institute's policies. 

The principal aims are:

  • To continue developing ways to attract strategic skills at an international level and sustain a high level of motivation, 
  • To respond to the objectives of scientific policy through the integrated management of human resources, based on recruitment, training, mobility and skills partnerships,
  • To sustain the motivation of a broadened working community by consolidating the organisation of joint research units, managing work breaks, providing individual and collective support for transitions and consolidating the prevention of risks.
Keywords: SUPPORT-3