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INRA's actions and values visible and shared through active external and internal communication

The challenges faced by the Institute resonate with strong demands from society. The establishment's external and internal communication regarding its staff and communities plays a key role in informing decision-making, raising awareness to opportunities, disseminating the results obtained and also facilitating an understanding of the actions of INRA and its staff in areas that may sometimes be controversial.

In line with the commitments made following the last five-year assessment, INRA has entirely revised its external communication policy: a new visual identity, a complete reworking of the Institute's website with content of interest to the general public, activities on social networks, an intensification of press relations, and the development of dialogue with elected representatives and different stakeholders. With around three million visitors each year and growing numbers of people consulting the website, the Institute will pursue its efforts regarding dialogue with society and further improve its external and internal communication. 

The principal aims are:

  • To develop opportunities for external interactions with users, notably via the website,
  • To support and improve communication skills and networks so that they can better respond to internal expectations, by placing value on the actions of different bodies, our participative culture, initiatives and successes, and ensuring the satisfactory dissemination of information and decisions,
  • To take advantage of the increasingly widespread use of new tools - including a unified, collaborative electronic mail system - to lay the foundations of an appropriate social network for the Institute, available to all its actors.
Keywords: SUPPORT-4