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Efficient and shared institutional management

Research is not deterministic: it is no longer sufficient just to allocate major resources to identified priorities in order to produce the responses expected. On the contrary, the serendipity of scientific findings, and the rapidly changing challenges we face, require constant flexibility and agility of an organisation which should favour a certain diversity of approaches and the independence of research projects. 

This apportioned organisation of research projects led or hosted by INRA, as illustrated by the large share of unit resources that result from their own activities (responses to calls for projects, research contracts) needs to be accompanied by the simplest possible sharing of the information necessary to manage and allocate resources, evaluate projects and compile the numerous activity reports and assessments required by those commissioning this work. Guidelines on the single entry of data and its shared availability will be implemented.

The principal aims are:

  • To ensure the harmonisation and reliability of data collection so that the information collected can be reused and exploited,
  • To pursue extension of the management information system so as to respond to the needs of all skills areas – including partnerships – expressed at all levels of the organisation.
Keywords: SUPPORT-5