#INRA2025: Strategic orientations through to 2025

Strategic orientations through to 2025

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Programming and managing research for global challenges

Published on 12/15/2016

INRA is one of the biggest agricultural research organisations in the world. It is active in a wide variety of fields to address issues related to nutrition, agriculture and the environment, which are now framed in the wider context of the bioeconomy and food systems.



No interdisciplinarity without disciplinary pillars
Cross-comparison of disciplinary perspectives is often necessary to fully address the complex issues underpinning food systems: earth and environmental sciences, life sci...

Food systems: facing unprecedented challenges

Published on 12/15/2016

In this new century, food systems face difficulties at all levels, from local to global, that are unpar-alleled in human history in terms of their range, scope and interconnectedness.

Food systems
A food system is defined as the manner in which people organise the acquisition and consumption of food in space and time.  This includes aspects such as agricultural production, inputs and services used in agriculture, the multiple ways in which farming and food interact with the environment an...

Using interdisciplinary foresight studies to explore key topics 

Published on 12/14/2016

Using a scientific foresight approach, three interdisciplinary research topics will be addressed: agroecology, the future of livestock farming, and the nexus among human health, food consumption, agriculture, and the environment. The goal will be to identify novel research directions and delineate scientific partnerships. The results will also highlight the data that must be used or collected, the skills that should be encouraged, and the key collaborations that should be established with dif...

Metaprogrammes: programming tools for strategic goals

Published on 12/14/2016

Programming, traditionally developed at INRA, has been enhanced since 2010 with the gradual implementation of eight metaprogrammes which address major scientific and societal challenges. The aim of the programmes is to broadly mobilise the expertise of the Institute and its partners without the compartmentalisation that exists between scientific disciplines and organisational structures, and to establish integrated and cross-disciplinary approaches – the only kind suitable for challenges of...