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Professional Ethics Charter
INRA’s professional ethics charter provides a broad overview and outlines the principles to which every staff member makes a personal commitment in the tasks entrusted to him or her.

Charter on Institutional Scientific Expert Reports
Having adhered to the National Charter on Scientific Expert Reports, INRA now has its own institutional charter on this subject, which was published in March 2011.

Intellectual property charter
As a public research institute, INRA seeks a balance between the free circulation of knowledge, its transmission and use in society and protection of public property.

Charter for INRA research infrastructures
Research infrastructures are key elements and a vital force in INRA’s strategy. INRA’s charter for research infrastructures is based on six values: openness, sharing, transparency, access to data, economic sustainability and compliance.  

INRA’s Open Access and Open Data guidelines
INRA’s commitment to open science goes beyond just providing access to its publications. Its broad policy, which now targets manuscripts and datasets, has two main goals:

  • By increasing data accessibility, the institute aims to increase research transparency and dissemination (e.g., bolstering support for its scientific publications; conveying its findings to the general public, journalists, stakeholders in civil society, and NGOs; and encouraging citizen science)
  • By encouraging data sharing, the institute seeks to create additional value from knowledge it has generated and fuel innovation