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While neither INRA’s areas of expertise nor its missions address all aspects of food security, of course (necessary innovation will not be derived solely from new knowledge), its existing expertise can be used for this purpose. The GloFoodS metaprogramme, operated jointly with CIRAD, mobilises the multidisciplinary scientific expertise of both organisations to shed light on the various dimensions of global food security, including public policies.

Progress since 2010 includes:

  • The launch of the GloFoodS metaprogramme to coordinate a research community around the issue of global food security and reinforce the joint efforts of INRA and CIRAD on this subject;
  • The creation of data and modelling platforms: GlobAgri, a database for resource utilisation balance models; MATSIM-LUCA, for economic market models, etc.
  • Foresight studies: Agrimonde-Terra , on global food security and land uses, the « North Africa–Middle East (NAME) region in 2050 » study, etc.
  • An active  role in international initiatives: Wheat Initiative, to coordinate research on wheat around the world, AgMIP, to compare and improve agricultural models in light of climate constraints, Global Research Alliance on the link between food production models and greenhouse gas emissions, the 4 per 1000 initiative to enrich soils and help efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, etc.;
  • Globally, the clarification of INRA’s international strategy. (See the post « A European and international strategy for INRA »)