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Facing global transitions head on

  •  Providing support for public policies and stakeholder strategies in the form of research, expert reports, foresight and studies, in a context of multiple, interconnected transitions (food, economic and climate transitions)

The AlimH  and SAE2  divisions are helping support multiple and interconnected transitions related to diet, economics, and climate by providing research and expertise to stakeholders and policymakers. AlimH  studies dietary practices and behaviours and their global impacts. SAE2  uses modelling to examine worldwide challenges, such as food security and the sustainability of agricultural systems given shifting global conditions, notably climate change. Several metaprogrammes are interested in similar issues and thus share this objective. Indeed, the GloFoodS  and ACCAF  metaprogrammes are fully focused on challenges associated with, respectively, dietary transitions and the adaptation of agricultural and forestry systems to climate change. The DID'IT  metaprogramme is also making a contribution. Its goal is to shift food supply and demand toward healthier, more sustainably produced products that are accessible to all by targeting public and commercial policies that could improve human and environmental health. Finally, the GISA  metaprogramme promotes integrated methods for managing livestock health, aiming to reduce the use of antibiotics and anti-parasite substances.  

Keywords: GLOBAL-1