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An integrated vision of trends, markets and trade

  • Analysis of the impact of agricultural, commercial, environmental, food-related and nutrition-related public policies. Special attention will be paid to the creation of proposals to address changes to the common agricultural policy
  • Pairing of economic, environmental and health aspects in the models
  • Analysis of land access, beyond issues of availability and land use changes

The SAE2  division uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining economic and social sciences, to analyze the impact of public policies. The GloFoodS  metaprogramme ensures bridging with biotechnical sciences. The ACCAF  metaprogramme is examining how climate change is modifying markets and exchanges, as well as the path to adaptation. The DID'IT  metaprogramme is characterizing dietary practices and behaviours, and shifts therein are being analyzed by the AlimH  division, using an epidemiological, psychological, and economic approach. Health-related issues are being tackled by a) the MICA  division and the MEM  metaprogramme, which are studying the risks associated with microbial ecosystems, and b) the SA  division and the GISA  metaprogramme, which have adopted an integrated approach to the economics of animal health. The MIA  division is modelling complex systems to explore how economic, environmental, and health-related factors interact.

Keywords: GLOBAL-3