#INRA2025 #OpenINRA: a nation-wide actor in innovation 

A nation-wide actor in innovation

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#OpenINRA priority: a nation-wide actor in innovation
#OpenINRA priority: a nation-wide actor in innovation

By reflecting the national research strategy in the area of food systems, INRA both contributes to, and benefits from, regional strategies. Its openness to closer partnerships with higher education, industry and civil society is essential to the success of the Institute's commitment to regional growth.
This openness supposes particular efforts with respect to ethics and deontology. 


Context & Vision

4 Objectives

> #OpenINRA-1: Greater openness towards higher education and regional partnerships

> #OpenINRA-2: The mobilisation of all INRA’s expertise in support of public policies


> #OpenINRA-3: The road to innovation benefits from reinforced management

> #OpenINRA-4: Science open to non-market stakeholders in society

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Deontology and ethics, from research to expertise

Published on 12/21/2016

In the context of the openness of science to innovation and expertise, ethics, scientific integrity and deontology are of increasing importance. While some may question the role of technology, or even a scientific approach itself – per se, because of the subjects on which it focuses or because of how they are used –, the ethical debate takes on additional importance for both the scientific community and citizens. INRA encourages discussion of its research objects, missions and practices....

Paris-Saclay: an opportunity for agricultural research

Published on 12/21/2016

The development of an urban campus grouping universities, advanced schools, research institutions and companies on the Paris-Saclay site is one of the main challenges that will be faced by the French higher education and research system during the years to come. The proximity of major centres for computations, skills in the nanotechnologies, energy, companies in the food industry, etc., means that the Saclay campus will become one of the largest centres in the world for all types of innovatio...

A national strategy for increasingly specialised regions

Published on 12/14/2016

During the 2010s, site policies agreed between actors in higher education and research emerged throughout France, under the impetus of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and in line with the European Smart Specialisation Strategy (SSS).  Working together and using different methods, these establishments built up communities which sometimes even involved mergers between local entities. With operators in research and innovation, they defined their training, research and innovation p...