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Deontology and ethics, from research to expertise

Updated on 01/27/2017
Published on 12/21/2016

In the context of the openness of science to innovation and expertise, ethics, scientific integrity and deontology are of increasing importance. While some may question the role of technology, or even a scientific approach itself – per se, because of the subjects on which it focuses or because of how they are used –, the ethical debate takes on additional importance for both the scientific community and citizens. INRA encourages discussion of its research objects, missions and practices. For this purpose, it mobilises its joint Ethics Committee with CIRAD and IFREMER and valorises its work through training, internal and external communication, using digital tools (to reach a broader audience) or more traditional methods (written opinion articles, media, conferences, public hearings). INRA's Ethics Committee and INRA, national and European charters on research deontology provide foundations and guidelines for its research and expertise activities. 

Professional Ethics Charter