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Paris-Saclay: an opportunity for agricultural research

Updated on 01/18/2017
Published on 12/21/2016

The development of an urban campus grouping universities, advanced schools, research institutions and companies on the Paris-Saclay site is one of the main challenges that will be faced by the French higher education and research system during the years to come. The proximity of major centres for computations, skills in the nanotechnologies, energy, companies in the food industry, etc., means that the Saclay campus will become one of the largest centres in the world for all types of innovation in wide variety of fields, where food systems and health will play a major role. The entire national research and innovation community should benefit from this development; in this respect, being a national research institution is a considerable advantage. The grouping on the same site of teams of research scientists and teachers from INRA and AgroParisTech who specialise in areas upstream of food systems, from production (agroecology) to processing and use (nutrition) and their natural and social, economic and political environment, together with other establishments with markedly different specialisations, will create the serendipitous conditions necessary for major discoveries. 


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