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The mobilisation of all INRA's expertise in support of public policies

Through their individual expertise, INRA's scientists have always contributed to developing the policies of our partners, and notably public policies. Set within a strong deontological and ethical framework, this expertise is increasingly being used at a European level and should become global, in the context of work with major agencies such as the FAO.

Furthermore, the Delegation for Collective Scientific Expertise, Foresight and Advanced Studies (DEPE) which was set up at the start of the period covered by the Orientation Document for 2010-2020, consolidates INRA's institutional expertise in informing policies and participating in public debate on complex societal issues that are often highly controversial. By assembling and synthesising a considerable corpus of knowledge, enriched by supplementary data and resulting from the confrontation of multidisciplinary standpoints, the DEPE carries out three main types of operation: collective scientific expert reports, advanced studies and foresight studies, all of which mobilise panels of scientific experts from all horizons. 

Actions proposed

  • To develop the international openness of INRA's expertise through (i) a more systematic broadening of studies to the European, extra-European or global dimensions, (ii) seeking a more often international audience, (iii) the prospection of European or international partners, either to commission this work or be partners in its conduct, and (iv) the more active participation of INRA agents in international bodies. 
  • To pursue INRA's openness to partners who are not always strictly within the sphere of public authorities, by broadening partnerships to industrial actors or organisations representing non-market civil society.
  • To systematically identify and evaluate all studies and actions carried out by different INRA structures to support, analyse and evaluate public policies. 
  • To construct and manage skills networks both in-house and with our partners committed to supporting public policies. 
Keywords: OPENINRA-2