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The road to innovation benefits from reinforced management

As a producer of scientific knowledge, INRA pays considerable attention to the orientation and design of its research. It is involved in transmitting and using the results and lessons thus generated. Its aim is to increase all types of innovation, whether this will be applicable at the economic, social or environmental levels. 

Actions proposed

  • To define opportunities for innovation and research areas that offer a strong potential for innovation, where efforts to achieve partnerships and the transfer of scientific results to society will be intensified. 
  • To develop exchanges with stakeholders and key actors in innovation, while taking account not only of their diversity and cultural differences but their creativity, where research can conceptualise the results and define their generic nature. 
  • To pursue the structuring of partnerships with actors in agriculture, food and the environment, by fostering openness towards a broad range of partners, including networks of farmers, small and medium-sized companies and actors in the social and solidarity economy, and by supporting new approaches to enable open innovation. 
  • To reinforce the synergies between research and training at the service of innovation.
  • To improve the operational efficiency and organisational clarity of the Institute.
  • To develop an innovation culture within INRA and reinforce its skills in order to support the emergence, and then the development, of creative projects with a high potential for innovation.
Keywords: OPENINRA-3