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Science open to non-market actors in society

By carrying out research on topics close to the daily lives and concerns of citizens, INRA is directly questioned by current issues regarding the role of science and innovation in society. The development of actions that will enable a constructive dialogue between scientists and actors in non-market civil society, notably through non-profit organisations, foundations or think-tanks, should permit a mutual understanding of the missions, objectives, expectations and construction of joint actions, notably in the form of participative approaches. 

In addition, the digital revolution has helped to facilitate these interactions. In some cases, it could increase opportunities for the participation of non-scientists in research projects. 

Actions proposed

  • To develop and structure interactions with non-market actors in civilian society. 
  • To specify the challenges and expectations of the Institute in the area of participative sciences, and explain its principles and areas for action.
  • To create a working community on participative sciences within the Institute, and provide support so that it can encourage the dissemination of good practices. 
Keywords: OPENINRA-4